Social Media Listing Changes

I've decided to try a slightly different listing method. I'm going to list to the shop throughout the day. I'll generally post a new item morning, midday, early afternoon, and sometimes late afternoon (Pacific Time). Once I add an item to the shop, I'll post it to my and Tumblr accounts. So if you follow me on one of these platforms you'll likely have a leg up.

If there are still items in the shop by the afternoon, I'll post them to my Instagram in the afternoon and evening. I've noticed the traffic I get from Instagram arrives during the afternoon and evening hours anyway, and I've been wanting to reduce my reliance on Instagram ever since Facebook acquired the platform.

I'll usually have a few days between listing cycles, so when I am not adding anything to the shop I'll try to put a banner up letting people know when to expect the next items to start arriving.

Thank you all for your endless support and interest! You really keep me going!