IG Presence Public Again

Today I am making my Instagram account public again.

After some work, I have developed a system to identify disengaged accounts and remove them from my followers. This should help keep my posts visible to those who are actively interested in my work!

As some of you know already, I've been doing a few unconventional things on Instagram to try to counteract the deleterious effects of the 'Instagram by Facebook' algorithm. First, with close to 10,000 followers, I took my account private. Next, I removed followers that were themselves following more than 1000 other people (I assumed they would be overwhelmed by posts and not actively engaging, though this number might have been too low). Then, out of the 4000 that remained, I tried to identify and remove accounts that were not engaging with my posts. this left about about 1000 people who are actively engaging. The only reason I did these things is because the algorithm effectively punishes those that have poor post engagement. So if my followers aren't actively engaged, my posts fall further down the feed and are often not seen at all. So, even if I have a large following, that number is meaningless if my audience is effectively shrinking.

Anyway, I do hope this improves your experience by allowing you to see more of my posts more quickly, while allowing me to regrow my audience with active followers.

As a final note, I cannot express my dislike of Facebook enough, and I am constantly saddened by the changes I knew were coming when Facebook acquired Instagram. I encourage you to check out ad-free, community-run, social platforms such as Mastodon.social (or other Federated social instances).