Feeling Restless!

It seems like all things must come to an end. The aliens that I began tinkering with a couple of years ago, the astronauts that everyone seemed to go crazy over last year, and the dinosaurs that propelled most of this year. These have all had arcs of activity.

At the end of each arc there is a small period of panic as I try to figure out what I want to do next that will not only satisfy my creative desires, but also appeal to those who follow my work. It's always a difficult time. I've noticed that these times always seem to begin with tinkering on alien things.

For some reason I feel they are a sort of a home base, and a great place to experiment with design and techniques. These fellows, for example, are going to be a bit of a playground for new designs and glaze combinations. I expect a few will be failures, as new glaze combinations often produce some unexpected results, but some of them will work!

So expect to see some of these fellows start showing up this coming week, and for more strange creatures soon after. Don't worry, you'll still see the occasional astronaut and dinosaur pop up, but I'm already looking forward to finding the next arc!